Culture Idea

Our Vision



























Our mission



The Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu said “said the human takes his law from the Earth; the Earth takes its law from Heaven; Heaven takes its law from the Tao. The law of the Tao is its being what it is”. It indicates that human and the nature are interlinked in essence, thus all the human events shall follow the natural law to reach the harmony of human and the nature. POTEN regards providing better solutions for harmonious environment as our mission, and the essence of which is to worship the heaven and care the human, that is, making better environment by following and holding the natural laws, so as to better service the human being.

Operating Philosophy


Serving clients is our eternal theme
We pay attention to clients’ demands and standards, and we grow based on servicing the clients. Our solution must benefit our clients and improve their quality of life so as to improve the environment we live on. Therefore, the success of clients is our success.

      Putting people first is the key for success
The excellent team is our most important asset. We has been sincerely hope that more talents will join us, and we provide every employee with career development opportunities to realize their ambition and assist them to make success, as well as enjoy themselves while working.

     Pursuing excellence is our firm belief
We believe that the clients appraise high-quality products and services, and their evaluation standard is how much we beyond their expectations and how much value we bring to them. We emphasize on performance, try our best to work, dare to meet the challenges, and consciously establish the business and moral standards consistent with the corporate policy and practice.

     Being honest and faithful is the guarantee for good standing
The company is committed to establishing an open and timely exchange environment for wide sharing, and sincerely seeking for others’ honest feedback to improve our own behavior. Similarly, only by treating our employees, clients and business partners with the honest attitudes can we win more business opportunities in the environment of increasingly fierce competition, and we deeply know that it is the foundation for us to make success at present and in the future.

     Constant innovation is the source of our development
Innovation is the source of business continuity, therefore, only by advancing with times can the enterprise development and individual growth be long standing; innovation is the motive power for social development, and innovation is also the undertaking of enterprises for social responsibility, thus the sustainable social improvement can only be promoted by the boldness to make innovation and reform.

Core Values



















Corporate Spirit: Forge ahead with great virtue and strong will

“Chi Zhong Shou Zheng” in Chinese means being impartial and sticking to the right way; While “Rui Yi Jin Qu” means pursuing improvements in firm determination.

We regard “Chi Zhong Shou Zheng, Rui Yi Jin Qu” as our corporate spirit as well as the essence of POTEN culture; which in Chinese means we do things in appropriate ways and pursue improvements and innovation in firm determination as well. This is an advanced culture both inheriting the Chinese tradition and infusing the western elements, and maintaining such culture can make the team full of energy and creativity, and then indicate POTEN’s brand idea of perseverance, forging ahead and constant innovation.  

Value of sharing: Diligence, Innovation, Inclusion, Gratitude
Innovation is the driving force for the social development and the bearing of responsibility as well. Risks will be inevitable to try something new, but innovation is the responsibility for us all and the corporate citizens, and only the courage of innovation and transform will push the society to make constant improvements; innovation as the source of the business continuity must keep pace with the times, so that the corporate development and personal growth will be long standing.

Inclusion ( In Chinese: Bao Rong)
POTEN’s Chinese name is BO TIAN, and BO in Chinese means gathering all manifestations of nature and bearing all things on earth. While Tian means supreme and striving constantly for self-improvement. The team will be more energetic since POTEN admits the Eastern and Western cultures and absorbs the quintessence; the enterprise will be vigorous forever since it tolerates the mistakes due to innovation and encourages the team to make attempts bravely; it is the guarantee for the corporate sustainable development to recruit talents in a inclusion attitude and positively attract talents.

Gratitude as the core of Chinese culture is also advocated by the western society. You will not win the support and respect unless you are grateful. The gratitude to the society is to help others within your power; the gratitude to work is to try your best and devote yourself; the gratitude to partners is to learn from each other and be diligent to share; the gratitude to competitors is to learn admiration and make common improvements. We’ll feel grateful to contribute to the enterprise and return to the society, so that we can develop constantly to become powerful and win the wide social support.