Pneumatic Ash Removal System

Pneumatic Ash Removal System

2013-05-10 22:11:17 21

 The pneumatic ash removal system is a current conveying method widely used in powdery materials conveying system on power industry, chemical industry, building materials industry, steel industry, food industry, etc. It enjoys the advantages of simple equipment, flexible duct configuration, safe and helpful to environmental protection, and high energy saving efficiency, etc. While in the past use of the device, most plants mainly adopt dilute phase suspending flow conveying method. Such method has striking limitation as high energy consumption, low conveying efficiency and serious wear etc. Therefore, it is quite necessary to develop dense phase pneumatic conveying device of low speed, high efficiency and reliable stability. We hence researched and developed the energy-saving pneumatic conveying system, which made a breakthrough in the limitation on conveying distance, density, efficiency, wear and energy consumption for the similar domestic positive pressure pneumatic ash removal system in other forms. The system can be widely applied to power industry, chemical industry, building materials industry, steel industry and food industry etc. for powdery materials conveying.