Automatic control system

The radio frequency admittance material level switch is a kind of universal point-to-point controlling instrument. It is used for limit control and alarming and suitable for application in most cases. The instrument is widely used in industrial and civil site (wherever indoor or outdoor) without any special requirements of the site installation conditions compared with other instruments.

  RF Admittance point level controller

 RF admittance point level controller is a novel of level control instrumentation. It uses radio frequency admittance technology, combined with a special anti-hanging material sensor to overcome the capacitive controller can not eliminate the impact of conductive materials linked to defects. It uses all-electronic design, demolition, and no moving parts to wear, with the other controller, it has the control range, high precision control, easy installation, maintenance, long service life. For various liquids, slurries and particles of level control, and the interface between two liquids control, especially control of oil-water interface. Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, medicine, electricity, food, paper and other industries. The sub-integral controller installation and remote installation, there is flameproof, intrinsically safe and explosion of the ordinary type safety complex.

Technical index
Power requirement: AC 185~255V 50/60Hz 5w (max.)
Output: DPDT relay, contact capacity AC 220V IA inductive, 5A non-inductive
Environmental temperature: -40~75℃
Delay (optional): 1~55 seconds
Resolution: < 0.5PF
High/low material level alarm: HLFS (high material level alarm mode) or LLFS (low material level alarm mode) can be set on site.
Temperature effect: 0.15PF/30℃
Stability: 0.1PF/6 months (max. drift)
Spark protection: inbuilt spark protection circuit
Sensor element intal ation: 3/4"NPT or flange instal ation
Insertion length :standard 450mm(IL)-250mm(CSL)
0.1m (minimum) ~20m (maximum) can be also provided as per
the requirement from the users
Electrical apparatus interface: 3/4"NPT
Split type cable: standard length is 5m, max. is 25m (only limited to divided type)
Protection grade: IP65

Pulse Blowing Controlling Instrument

  Pulse injection controller is the control unit which is used to pulse bag filter cleaning, Its output signal control electromagnetic pulse valve, Sequential injection of compressed air for cleaning bag, make sure the dust resistance maintain within the limits, In order to protect the processing power and dust collector filter effects.
  Controller outputs an electrical signal is known as the pulse width duration.
  Controller outputs the second electrical signal is known as the pulse interval.
  The time of controller outputs an electrical signal to complete a cycle called the pulse cycle.
Product Feature
  Chassis: sophisticated and transparent project bare-type PC chassis with new appearance, sealed, good dust-proof effect, to meet the modern international trend.
  Movement: single-chip technology for the control of pulse output, enable the pulse width, pulse interval and output gate count can be freely set according to the site required, and achieve the intelligent control.
  Power: use the imported power supply components, thus ensuring the reliability of the machine, so that can work stability of the long-term in the harsh mining conditions.
  Differential Pressure Control: Then second-line can be equipped with passive differential pressure transmitter, 4-20mA standard current signal, and dust resistance to maintain within the set up framework to ensure the economic operation of the precipitator.
  Wiring: Convenient and flexible, plug-style terminal block.

Technical specifications
  Rated input voltage: AC220V 50HZ
  Rated output voltage: DC24V Power Consumption ≤ 8W
  Rated output current: 1A
  The environment: Temperature -25℃~+55℃ Relative humidity ≤ 85%
  Protection class: IP65
  Pulse interval adjustment range: 1~999 seconds
  Pulse width adjustment range: 0.1~9.9 seconds
  Pulse cycle regulation range: 1~999 seconds
  Output large ones: 1~160 optional
  Differential Pressure Control: Pressure signal access terminals
  Remote communication: through 485 connected to the computer
  Dimension: 380×280×150